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The Refuge from Reality

...because we get enough Reality the rest of the time

ButMadNNW ("ButMad" for short)
Azada: Ancient Magic

(Please note that if you're not on my Yahoo! Contact List, I won't get your messages. If you're serious about chatting, we have to do the "Add Contact" thing.)

Basic Profile: Carbon-based lifeform from a little backwater planet in the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy.

More Detail: I am a Brit in an American's body, a sci-fi/fantasy she-geek, an aspiring novelist, single, easily distracted, a alumna of California State University - Long Beach (B.A. in English-Creative Writing), prone to obsessions... and really bad at filling out "About Me" things. More info as I think of it.

What My Journal is About: Hmm. Don't know yet. I'll have to figure that one out as I go. Will probably be prone to Unapologetic Randomness, however!

The "Interests" box didn't like my sense of humor, so I'm putting this here:
LiveJournal sez: 'List some things you're into, usually things that can complete the phrase, "I like..."'

ButMadNNW sez: I like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain. ;-)

What, you were expecting a serious answer? .... okay, okay.

Hmm... Usual stuff... (and now refer to the Interests list)

Mood Themes: Subject to change without notice. ;-)
Animated Rose/Ten & Billie/David by watcher_junior
Animated David Tennant by staci_x2
Top Gear by jazzfic

Icons/Avatars: By other people whose names I neglected to note, unless indicated otherwise. Some are even by me! :-)